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Which branch has the best seniors? Please vote and help your department win?

2017-08-24 Views:  163

Which branch of Seniors are the most helpful to their Juniors?

Engineering Student's worries that you should all know

2017-08-23 Views:  1223

I am Engineering student and am fed up of exams. In a series of posts, I want to highlight my pain and agony in Engineering. This is the first post and I want to highlight the most painful thing in Engineering - exams. In a 4 year course, we write more than 250 exams and finally have to write another hundred exams to get a Job.

How this School Teacher Cracked the UPSC and got All India Rank 3

2017-07-08 Views:  3224

Cracking the Civil Services exam is a dream for millions of people in India. Lots of them leave everything and go to Delhi or some other big city for coaching so that they can crack the exam and fulfill their dream. Ronanki Gopala Krishna is very different. He is a school teacher who was teaching little kids in AP before the UPSC 2016 results were announced. He got All India Rank 3 and that is just the tip of the iceberg.

An Open Letter to Modi Ji from an Engineering Graduate looking for a Job

2017-07-08 Views:  5678

A request to the Hon'ble PM of India, Shri Narendra Modi Ji to help the millions of graduates in India build a great career and take the nation forward.

Why We need Educational Reservations In India?

2017-05-03 Views:  236

Reservation in India is the process of setting aside a certain percentage of seats (Vacancies) in government institutions for members of backward and under-represented communities (Defined primarily by caste and tribe)

People we see in every exam

2017-05-02 Views:  1253

Exams season is around the corner. We see different people react very differently to exams. In this funny video, you can see different types of students you see during an exam - the sentimental ones, the undependable ones, the charade experts, the flirts, the innovators, the postmen, the conmen etc. Which one are you? Who are the friends who fall into the different categories.

A dream that was compromised for an Engineering degree

2017-04-30 Views:  2696

These days most parents want their kids to be Engineers and have a great life in the comfortable AC rooms and foreign visits, but is that what all children want? A lot of Software Engineers getting 6 figure salary are also very unhappy as that is not what they want from life. Read this touching letter from a Software Engineer about how his dreams and his parents dreams are so different and how he has had to sacrifice chasing his dreams for his parents' wishes. Who is right?

A frustrated Engineer looking for a Job

2017-04-27 Views:  2487

I am an Engineering student who will soon graduate and be an Engineer. I am an average student studying at an average college. I am in the final year and like most other students, I am worried about my future. My parents are worried too and more importantly all my neighbours want to know what I am going to do next. Honestly, I have no answer.

Another bad news for Indian Community in the US as an INDIAN origin man killed in the US.

2017-03-04 Views:  234

This has been a period of extreme bad news for the Indian Community in the USA. Just a few days after an Indian Engineer was killed in Kansas, a 43 year Indian was killed in South Carolina.

Indian Girls abused in America as she captures the racist slurs on her phone

2017-03-03 Views:  228

USA as most people know it is very different from what is happening the streets of US over the last few weeks. In a recent incident, an Indian girl was abused in America and she caught it on her phone. More power to people like her

Where is America going? Indian girl is abused in US as she captures the racist slurs on her phone.

2017-03-03 Views:  7435

USA as most people know it is very different from what is happening the streets of US over the last few weeks. In a recent incident, an Indian girl was abused in America and she caught it on her phone. More power to people like her.

Words from Sunayana, Widow of Srinivas, who was shot dead in the USA recently

2017-03-01 Views:  16070

It is an unbearable pain to lose a loved one. On 22nd February, 2017, Srinivas was shot dead by an American in what is a hate crime. Sunayana, his widow, has had to go through an ordeal of pain and recently shared her views about how a wonderful life was cut short by a murderer.

Peon to Millionaire - an awesome success story

2017-02-24 Views:  6468

How many times do you hear of a Peon who makes millions in the span of a few years? Not very often. This is an amazing story which shows how a successful start up can impact the lives of not just the founders but also lots of others in the company. Read it out.

An Open Letter to US President Donald Trump from an average Indian student

2017-01-29 Views:  103152

In India, we have always been told that America is the greatest nation on the planet.. no, no, the entire Universe. America is so great that when our relatives come from US, we don't give them the water we drink every day. We bring packaged water bottles to show how much they mean to us. Now you ask me not to chase that dream anymore? Why this Kolaveri Di?

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