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Should I Write CTC in my Resume ?

Should I Write CTC in my Resume ?

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 Hi, what is CTC?

Someone asked me, so it’s Cost to Company which means your current package in the organization you are currently employed and ECTC an Expected Cost to Company for your future firm.


CTC (Cost to Company) are among few details which your future employer will be interested to know from you, but the main question is when you have to answer and where?


When, why and where are more or less questions which hits our mind many times butyou tend to assumethat it’s not that big issue so sometimes you mention directly on the resume or sometimes we tend to say directly in the interview before anybody asks us.


But for me it was a great concern as I saw professionals were getting affected by this so, to dig out the authentic conclusion; I conducted the surveys just in my office around both senior & fresher colleagues; I came across the conclusion that one should express this during the discussion when the recruiters question you.


One of my senior colleagues said, “Writing expected CTC in resume leaves negative impressions” as she herself wrote and get in a phase when she was rejected on this basis only. For her it was not easy to understand the reason behind the rejection but when she went through series of rejections, she felt there is high possibility of mistake which she has done in her resume by putting CTC &ECTCin resume.


Hence, one should not write expected CTC in the resume. Neither the percent of hike you are looking for nor the exact figure which you are getting in current company. Usually, you send the same resume to many job applications or upload on job portals and ever since CTC depends on company to company, job profile, skills set, experience etc.


There is always a possibility of negotiating CTC with your prospective recruiters so it’s better not to disclose in an upfront manner in your resume


Therefore, one should just wait for the right time to share theirECTCin front of the HR or CTC discussion should be left for last round or HR discussion. Moreover, it limits the number of opportunities and upsurges the rejections numbers.


Advice: One should do a research on company and job profile which he/ she has been offered and substantiate their skills in the interview then decide whatever CTC you deserve.


Good luck!

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