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Happiness at workplace brings success

Happiness at workplace brings success

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"A smile can prompt a smile, extend into a laugh, and bring happiness to an entire room". Sir Richard Branson.


Yes, I totally agree with Sir Richard Branson as happiness spreads faster at any platform. I have experienced that when I am happy at work; I put my mind positively & artistically while writing my articles whereas when I have a bad mood I just don’t feel like working. And in this situation if my colleagues start smiling, which rouse my smile and brings happiness altogether at a workstation. A rainbow of smile spreads in my team which moreover directly - indirectly affects our work & success in very positive way.


A research says happiness is connected to our brain, the Happy Brain is healthy unlike sad brain which blackout all creativity and thoughts.


Hence, I know nobody can work with a sad brain without concentration and with all negativity at thoughts. One has to wipe up the dust of sadness by the shower of smile and happiness.


On Mar 4, 2015, I wrote the “Happiness” poem, today I was reflecting on this and realized that day was alone and unhappy. I wanted people by my side but moreover, if no one is nearby then for the happiness you yourself have to put effort in the process of happiness.



Searching happiness is a mistake...

Mistake as it brings sadness...

Sadness which increases the distance...

Distance created by you is only smitten by you...


If, everyone will stop waiting for happiness to come; so every day they will be happy as well as they will spread happiness wherever they go.


As, Abraham Lincoln very aptly said, “People are as happy as they make up their minds to be”.


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