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What to do after college?

What to do after college?

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No student plans on being a failure; He just doesn't plan on being successful.
Analyzing one's aptitude:
The first and the most important phase that any student should work on is the self introspection phase. Students should be able to analyze their capabilities, understand future needs and know what they are actually passionate about. An intersection of these circles would be the wisest option for deciding which field to pursue. For example, a person who has a strong passion towards science or engineering and with good scores in college should pursue towards higher degrees and expertise in engineering/science. But a person who landed in engineering accidentally but has an inclination towards management/finance must develop the courage to shift to his field of interest. Every year scores of students pass out from Engineering colleges but then what next. This article has focused on some of the vital aspects concerning life after college - Higher studies and Placements.

Following are the stages that any student might undergo in his pursuit of higher studies after under graduation and in most cases is in the order listed below.

Sharpening the skills:
Once the interest is identified, the next stage is to sharpen one's skills and thinking in accordance to the field chosen. For this a student can do the following...
  • Identifying a mentor (senior, professor or a professional) who will be able to guide the student to ensure clarity in a student's vision and meticulousness in his preparations for reaching that goal.
  • Reading introductory books for the beginning to gain an insight and then to proceed towards analyzing case studies and more complicated concepts to strengthen the student's fundamentals.
  • Interactions with likeminded students from the same or different colleges will serve as a continuous fuel to keep the inspiration within alive and will generate a positive competitive spirit.
  • To keep checking frequently if the plan of action is followed and to use some reference parameters which will be an indication to how well the performance is at every stage of preparation.
Facing the actual challenge:
So, in what state of mind should a student be when he is on the verge of facing his Judgment Day, the day which is going to decide his future? The answer to this question, as most think, is not at all complex. It's a very simple truth, but not visible to all eyes or conceivable by all minds. CONFIDENCE and PASSION are the two greatest weapons any student must hold on to and wield against the odds of losing the battle. The more confident and passionate a student is, the nearer he is towards his goals.

Emerging victorious:
The most difficult of the results which a student fails in facing boldly is the defeat. Most students get dejected after their first failure and being unable to rise up most result in succumbing to their negatives and settle for anything available at that time. At this stage a student must practise the following...
  • Forgetting the pain of losing in the least time possible by diverting oneself towards their hobbies and extracurricular activities.
  • After that, preparing oneself with the physical and mental strength to take up a greater challenge of not just winning in the next battle but to emerge as the best among the best.
  • Going through the preparation phase again but with a strong focus and brilliant dedication than before.
  • Finally, to wield those weapons of Confidence and Passion against the odds of losing.
Campus Placements:
Employers are always looking for Fresh Engineers who can bring new ideas and innovations. The following section will deal the general perspective of a student aspiring for good placements, right from the initial stages till he gets placed.

Generally most organizations use Aptitude Tests as a process of elimination when the number of applicants is sizeable. These Aptitude Tests also give the selectors a good idea of the candidate's reasoning ability, critical thinking ability and communication skills. Students may start preparing themselves by practicing aptitude questions and revising their syllabus in order to crack the all important aptitude test. Group studies, GATE books, online papers, advice/feedbacks from seniors all play an important role in the same.

Group Discussion exercises are designed to test the candidate's ability to act as a leader and a team player. Students should update themselves about current affairs to present themselves with more confidence in group discussions. The other qualities exhibited in such exercises are clarity of thought process, the ability to think differently and the ability to lend direction.

The last leg of the selection process is usually a Personal Interview which gives the selectors an opportunity to know the candidate better and to assess the suitability of the candidate's skills to the requirements of the organization. Before attending the interview process of any organization, the student should know the following points which will help in performing better:
  • Know your strengths.
  • Try to understand the job profile.
  • Understand the business of the organization.
  • Be enthusiastic, focus on specialty, and exude confidence.
  • Demonstrate Knowledge and Understanding.
  • Choose three talents to emphasize.
  • Draw a clear connection between your talents and the responsibilities listed in the job prescription.
  • Thus, putting the efforts in line with the goals with the help of mentors would help a student to ensure a successful life. But to do this the student must maintain a healthy life style, taking proper care regarding food habits, work outs and sleep etc.
But all this said, the college is a great place to develop ones personality. One should indulge in ones hobbies be it dance, sports, music, photography etc, where one could express ones creativity and meet new friends. Also taking part in inter branch competitions would also develop competitive spirit. On the whole the college is a place where the students prepare themselves for the real world. So taking the right step to reach your goal and maintaining a healthy lifestyle creates harmony in the student life and helps in their success.
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