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Semester abroad at Hannam University

Semester abroad at Hannam University

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Ashwin Subramaniam

Awestruck by the respect ingrained in South Korean culture, Ashwin Subramaniam writes how the well-organised city of Daejeon contributed to his ease in studying robotics.

The Semester Abroad programme at Hannam University, Daejeon, South Korea, without doubt is a phase in my academic career that has left a profound impact on the way I perceive education. Experiencing and imbibing the traditions, cultures and methods of a foreign land has broadened my mind, and I gained a truly unique global perspective within a short span of time. With regard to academic performance, I took up projects with the professors of the institution who were always affable and caring. Also the new international social network that I have created and mingled with has shaped my overall personality.


“Oppa Gangnam Style,” was all that I had known about South Korea before I prepared myself for the programme during spring 2015. In Daejeon, Korean alphabets were ubiquitous, right from the restaurant menu cards to direction boards, and this was initially tricky to adapt to. But it hardly took me an hour to learn the Korean script, which has just 24 letters, and I was equipped with enough Korean language for my daily survival and social life in just a few weeks, thanks to my Korean friends. There are many tourist attractions in all the cities of South Korea. Hannam University organised a quick field trip for international students, which included trekking the Mireuksan Mountain and a visit to the exquisite Cherry Blossom Festival.

Also, I find the Korean lifestyle really cool and their culture, venerable. Every junior in the college actually ‘respects’ their seniors and professors and greets them cordially. Due respect is given to senior citizens, rules are followed, roads are clean, a safe and lively night life with all shops open 24X7, free Wi-Fi connectivity almost everywhere around the city, commendable state-of-the-art transport facilities and the city is highly technologically advanced.


I had taken up Robotics and Data Communication at the School of Electronics Engineering and Business Management courses at Linton School of Global Business (LSGB) at Hannam University. Global Business curriculum integrates concepts and skills from marketing, management, international trade, and technology innovation. Our marketing classes included enthralling lectures and practical implementation of marketing skills, coming up with professional business models for a startup, boosting confidence, understanding the nuances of businesses and motivating innovation. Also, I had completed a four-month-long project based on Principal Component Analysis and Face Recognition techniques, under the guidance of my Robotic Engineering Professor Byung Joo Oh, and the work we did is under the process of publication in an international journal.

 The writer is in the

final year, B.Tech, Electronics and Communication Engineering at

SRM University, Chennai.

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