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Letters of Recommendation

Letters of Recommendation

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A Letter of Recommendation is nothing but a letter given by someone, who either taught you a class or supervised you, describing your abilities, skills and leadership qualities.  It can be given by anyone who interacted with you closely and got a chance to either manage you or monitor you.

Some basics of Letters of Recommendation for MS or MBA in US:

§  Most of the graduate schools either for MS or MBA programs require two to three recommendation letters. Again, it depends, some schools do not require them.

§  Depending on the school, they are typically sent in confidential sealed envelopes.

§  Typically, letter of recommendation have to prepared by the Professor describing your abilities…Although, depending on the school and the country you are from, some professors ask that you to write up a recommendation letter and they would just sign it for you… If you are in US and were to be asking a professor a recommendation letter from a US institution, the Professor will write the recommendation letter and give it to you, but would not let you write a LOR on his behalf. LOR is a big deal in US schools.

§  Every school has its own process for recommendation letters. Below are few scenarios:

§  Some schools ask professors to fill up recommendation letters’ forms online.

§  Some of them ask professors to post (or mail) them directly to school.

§  Few schools ask professors to fill out a standard recommendation form and then mail it to school.

§  Some schools ask professors to write a recommendation letter and seal it in an envelope by them with their signature on it.

§  Few schools do not care, they just say include recommendation letters with the application packet.

The point is, every school is different process and you cannot really generalize saying that I have to send standard letter of recommendation with my application. You will have to check with the department and graduate school for the exact forms of LOR and process.




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