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All you need to know about TOEFL

All you need to know about TOEFL

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TOEFL: Test Of English as a Foreign Language

Today English as become a universal language which is not only accepted as a common language but is also considered a major factor for entrance in top universities across the globe. TOEFL is one such popular exam that is written for US and Canadian universities to test the student's proficiency in the language.

IELTS is the most popular officially accepted exam worldwide, and next comes TOEFL - this exam is used to test the fluency of non-native English speakers. The exam is the trademark of an NGO, Educational Testing Services (ETS). This competitive exam has two formats:  an internet based test and centers that do not have access to internet, offer a paper based test. The exam basically examines the student in his/her reading, writing, listening and speaking skills in English language. It is conducted for more than 50 times in a year.

TOEFL: Format

This exam is four hours long and consists of 4 different sections:

1.    Reading: This section lasts for around 60- 80 minutes containing 3-5 passages, where the student has to analyze cause and effect, compare and contrast, and provide inferences about the passages.  The student may also be asked to provide summary of the comprehensions.

2.    Listening: The second section has six passages which lasts for 3-5 minutes each, totaling the duration to 90 minutes. Out of the 6 passages, 4 are academic discussions and 2 are general student conversations. Each conversation has to be heard carefully as the passage can be played only once. Then few questions based on the paragraph have to be answered.

3.    Speaking: This is sub divided into 6 sub sections lasting for 20 minutes - 4 are integrated and the other 2 are independent. In the independent sub section the student is asked to voice their opinions on topics. In the integrated section, the students listens to academic courses or conversations and then answer the questions followed, by speaking out their answer on the basis of what they heard.

4.    Writing: This is also divided into 2 sub sections - in one, the student has to read a passage, listen to the discussion and then write down the summary of the reading and listening. In the second sub-section, the student has to write an essay on a given topic. This section lasts for 50 minutes.

There is a 10 minute break after the first two sections.

TOEFL: Scoring

The exam is scored on a total scale of 0-120 points, each section carrying average scores of 30 points. Each section score is summed up to come up a total scoring. Any score falling in the range of 61-110 is considered to be a good score. Scores are out within 2 weeks of taking the test. The day you take the test, you can select 4 universities and send your score for free of cost to them. After the 4 free score reports, you have to pay US$17 for each score report, which will be emailed to you within 4-7 days of receiving the payment and request.

TOEFL: Exam booking and fee

This exam fee is in US dollars and the registration fee is $170. In India, there are about 60 centers located in different cities and towns. This test can be taken numerous times with a gap of minimum 12 days. All you have to do is create a profile and register for the test based on your convenience of location and timing. You can create your profile on the TOEFL website today!



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