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Pearson Test of English - Testing readiness for non-native English speakers

Pearson Test of English - Testing readiness for non-native English speakers

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Pearson Test of English - Testing readiness for non-native English speakers

The Pearson test of English, better known as PTE is a development of the Pearson Group. This test was officially launched in 2009, endorsed by GMAC (Graduate Management Admission Council). As soon as this test was released, over 6,000+ institutes began accepting these scores along with GMAT and IELTS.




The PTE general is not acceptable for visa applications and if you are looking for overseas studies, then PTE Academic is the test that you should focus on. It is the world's largest English test which is largely dependent on technology. This test is applicable for universities in across the globe including countries like Australia, New Zealand, India, UK, USA and Canada.

PTE Academic: Format

This test helps the universities in judging the student's fluency in English. The 4 main areas in this test are speaking, reading, writing and listening. While the test longs for 3 hours, the test is divided into 3 different parts with 20 questions.

Part I - Speaking and writing: This is the first part and lasts for about 95 minutes and covers the aspects including - self introduction, reading aloud sentences, describing images, summarizing a written text, repeating sentences, essay writing and re-telling a lecture.

Part II - Reading: The second part concentrates on basic English reading including fill in the blanks, re-arranging sentences in logical order, multiple choice questions and re-ordering paragraphs. This sections lasts for about 40 minutes.

Part III - Listening: This is the last part whose duration is about 45 minutes. It focuses on the listening skills of the student as it includes questions on selecting the missing word, highlight the correct summary, writing from dictation and summarizing spoken text.

Why PTE?

If you are wondering why you should choose this test over GMAT or IELTS, here are few reasons to clear this doubt

Flexibility: It is run by Pearson on 363 days of a year, at over 200 locations across the globe with convenient timings

Speed: The test can be booked just 24 hours and the results are out within 5 business days

Acceptability: This test is accepted worldwide by multiple universities including Harvard, INSEAD and Yale. It is officially accepted by the Australian Government for approving student visa applications

PTE: Scoring

Once you get an email about your scores, you can simply login to your Pearson account and download your score card. The scores are calculated against the Global scale of English - this scale aligns with various English test across the globe and scales them all. The PTE score card contains your overall score with a detailed breakdown of your performance in each section. The range of overall score is between 10-90. This score indicates your overall fluency in the language. The scores for communicative listening also range between 10-90 and this is indicative of your skills on your ability to communicate well. The scores for enabling skills which include grammar, spellings, pronunciation, vocabulary and your writing skill. This score also ranges between 10-90 points.

In India, the test price is Rs. 11, 300. Test centers are hosted specifically by the Pearson group and once you register for the exam, you will get to choose from multiple locations. Prepare well, and book your test from Pearson's official website when you are ready! All the best!




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