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what is GMAT?

what is GMAT?

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GMAT stand for Graduate Management Admission Test, it is a computer adaptive test, intended to check analytical, writing, quantitative, verbal and reading skills in written English for use in admission to a graduate management program such as a MBA.

It is administered in standardized test centres in 112 countries around the world.

GMAT exam consists of four sections,

1.    Analytical writing assessment

2.    Integrated reasoning

3.    Quantitative

4.    Verbal

Quantitative and verbal sections are both multiple choice and are administered in CAT format.

Analytical writing assessment-

The analytical consists of one 30 minute writing task-analysis of an argument.

Integrated Reasoning-

Integrated section is designed to measure ability to evaluate data presented in multiple formats from multiple sources. The integrated reasoning section includes four question types: table analysis, graphics interpretation, multi-source reasoning, and two-part analysis.


The quantitative is used to measure the ability to reason quantitatively, solve quantitative, interpret graphic data, and analyse and use information given in a problem.


Verbal includes: reading comprehension, critical reasoning, and sentence correction. Each question type gives answer options from which to select.

The GMAT can be taken up to five times a year, each year must be at least 16 days apart.


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