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An Open Letter to US President Donald Trump from an average Indian student

An Open Letter to US President Donald Trump from an average Indian student

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Dear Trump Uncle,

I am an average Indian student who dreams of one day making it big in the US. But before I start about my dreams, I would like to first congratulate you on becoming the American President and more importantly showing people that you can achieve what you want irrespective of your age. You decided that you wanted to be the most powerful man on the planet and took your first steps at the age of 70. Hats off, Uncle.

Make America Great Again! What's wrong with you?

In India, we have always been told that America is the greatest nation on the planet.. no, no, the entire Universe. America is so great that when our relatives come from US, we don't give them the water we drink every day. We bring packaged water bottles to show how much they mean to us. Most of us can name more American Presidents than we can name Indian Presidents. More Indians follow American Elections than the Americans themselves.

Let me share a small story with you. One day, our gang - all preparing for GRE - was discussing how great America was and how we would have a great life after we land in the USA. Suddenly one of our friends played a youtube video where you were asking the Americans to make America Great again. Crazy! We all just went home without uttering a single word. We just got too confused. Who do we believe? Our NRI family members' close family who always believe America is great or the potential president (and now the in-office president)?

I read somewhere that you want only those who get a salary of more than 100K USD to be eligible for H1B Visa. You want the best and the brightest from India and other countries to work for your companies in US. Can you please do something similar? Please ask companies like Pepsi, Coke, McDonald's etc which are impacting our health to just stay back in the US and send only your best companies here - the Googles, Microsofts etc. I have never spoken to an Indian student who wanted to go to the US just for the studies. F1 is the easiest and the best way to enter the US and then build a career from there. What is it with the 100K salary? I have been told by relatives and seniors that not everyone starts career at such salaries. You just replaced a Harvard intellectual dude, but want us to all be like him. What is this, Uncle?

Who do you want more - people who think America is screwed up or people like us who think US is already great and will remain great? I have to pay my GRE 2nd installment in a couple of days. Please let us know if we would be welcome in the US. I will at least save a few thousand rupees for my parents.

Awaiting your reply :)

P.S: I forgot to tell you that girls and their parents in India feel that a guy does not deserve a girl if he is not staying in the US. In India, we strongly believe that if someone helps a guy or girl get married, they earn tons of good karma. You can earn a lot of good karma too. Don't trust me? Come with me to a few Indian weddings, you will know.

Yours truly

An average Indian student


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