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How to write an impressive Resume

How to write an impressive Resume

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How to write an impressive resume

It is said that 'The first impression is the best impression' and it cannot be more important to make the first impression a good lasting one than, when you apply for a job. The recruiter or employer first impression of you comes from your resume. So, making a good resume is what will make you stand out from your competition.

There is now so much information available on the internet these days that you could be overwhelmed by it. So, we at have researched for you and found the best tips and advices available in a concise way.

A Resume mainly has basic personal information, your qualification and job experiences. It is also good to include some extracurricular activities in your resume to show the recruiter you also have a fun part. A resume should not be more than 1 page. It should be polished and professional otherwise it will not be noticed by the hiring manager.

Let's get started.

Choose the best template.

There are so many templates available to write a resume, Choose the best one suited for you.

Chronological Template: It is the most common format. It starts with listing your work history from your current or most recent job. This is preferred by the hiring mangers as it is easy to go through what positions you had at what time. It is not good to have this template when you are starting new or have a break in your professional life.

Functional Template: The functional template focuses on skills and experiences and is mainly used by those who have a gap in their professional life or are switching career.

Combination Template: In this template your skills and achievements are listed first and then your job experiences in chronological order. It is one of the best formats and catches the eye of a recruiter. It has your skills at the start and to support those skills your job experience and timeline after that.

Targeted Template: It is a customization of your resume according to the job you are applying for. The skill set required for the job are the key points in your resume and are written first. The problem with this kind of resume is that it has to be altered before applying to each job and can get typo errors because of editing and re-editing.

Write a correct heading

Your resume should have a correct heading.

1. Start with writing your Name but don't make it bold or colorful. Keep it simple. If you want your name to stand out on your resume, then try italics.

2. Put your Address, it is always better to give a street address as it gives a more stable image.

3. Add a phone Number where you can be contacted easily. Do not give multiple numbers, just pick one.

4. Email Address Comes Next. It is always good to include an email address in the heading section as it is the most common form of communication used by recruiters. It is always better to put a personal Email Address than a work Email.

5. If you have website that is relevant with the job, you should include the URL (Website address)

6. If you have a LinkedIn profile which is appropriate for the job, include the URL in the heading

Objective of the Resume

Having an official objective at the top of the resume is optional but is very useful and tell your potential employer various things about you. It says about what position you are applying for and what kind of responsibilities you want to handle. It also says that whatever information is provided in the resume is relevant to the job you are seeking.

The objective should be very concise say, 10 words or less. You do not want to put your life history in there.

Summary of your Qualification

Write your Qualifications - the degree you have and the projects/internships you have done is a concise manner. Start with the highest/latest degree you have obtained/ will obtain by the time you join the job.

Do not forget to add the timeline to these qualifications. You can add a line for the description of the project or internship and what was your role in it.

Here are some tips for listing your education:

If you have one or more college degrees:

  1. Always state where you got each of the degree from and in what year (start and end year)
  2. Majors, minors, thesis, dissertations, internships, and coursework should be listed only if they are relevant to your job objective.
  3. It is always better to spell out the degree (for example, Bachelor of Arts)
  4. If you are currently going to a college and are applying for on-campus interviews simply write your area of study and college name. Then Add 'currently enrolled', 'In progress' or 'anticipated completion, March 2017'.

If you have one or two certificates related to the job it is always good to add them with education. If you have certificates not relevant to the job than better to add them in your achievements section.


What are your achievements? To answer this, reply to the following questions.

Any Certificates you hold?

Did you have a role which required authority? If yes, Write the role and what was it that you did differently in that role. How did that role help you to become a better person and how did you help other on that role? These should all be answered in maximum 2 lines.

What activities other than normal classes did you participate in? Did you win any awards?

Any activity that shows your team player skills?

Lastly always proofread your resume before submitting. Any kind of typos or errors show that you are not serious for the job. Keep your resume simple and do not add different or multiple fonts. It becomes confusing for the hiring manager, who gets hundreds of applications for each job.

Be consistent - if using bullets for points then continue with bullets and not dashes or numbers. If you are underlining the heading for one part use the same format for all headings. Do not give your resume on color papers to make it noticeable. The recruiter will probably laugh about it with his colleagues and throw it in the dustbin.

Your resume should be effective, consistent, concise and easy to read.



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