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5 Craziest TESTER jobs in the world

5 Craziest TESTER jobs in the world

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Want to answer the old irritating question from your parents, relatives, and relatives of their relatives "Beta Bade Ho ke kya banoge?"

Now we have come up with best of the answers for this question. Let's explore the weird opportunities for you:


There are some extremely weird jobs in the world. I am sure you have not heard of those before.

1)      Waterslide Tester: Your job is to test the water slides all day long. Climb the stairs and just slide down. Climb and slide; this is what you have to do to earn your livelihood. Interesting isn't it?

2)      Deodorant Tester: Love fragrances? Make it your profession too. Deodorant companies hire people to smell and test their products' fragrances. You just need to classify the smells among good, better and best ones.

3)      Paper-towel Sniffer: Yes someone does that to your tissue before it gets turned into an issue. A sniffer smells it and approves whether it is fit for use or not.

4)      Pet food taster: When the food is made up of the ingredients that are edible by humans then why not test it by tasting it? Well if you are paid for it? You would love to do this for love towards the animals. Right?

5)      Furniture Tester: Sit, Lie down, Jump and sleep on the newly launched furniture to ensure consumer satisfaction. Also to see if it's properly aligned or not, a person is hired to do this for big furniture houses and is paid for that. Imagine yourself relaxing on all sorts of couches and beds to make money.

If you are the laziest of all people around you, then these jobs will interest you and will thrill you from inside.

Get on your heels to stay calm and relaxed as you have always wanted to while earning decent money to pacify all the people nagging you. 


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