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What does it take to be a Lawyer?

What does it take to be a Lawyer?

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The skills you need for your ideal career are something that you can work on and develop over time. It?s not only about good oratory skills but a lot more than debating on a case in the court. As they say: practice makes perfect! Here are a few that you should consider working on if you aspire to be a successful lawyer:-

1)      Communication Skills: Communication Skills are a non-negotiable part of being into the profession of advocacy because you will need to interact with your client and appear before the authorities frequently. Command over your language plus a confidence to be flawless while presenting your facts needs to be your strong point.

2)      Judgment: A good sense of judgment is what this profession needs. If you can judge your case well, you have the quality of a good lawyer. If you can interpret people and the facts if you can read well between the lines, go ahead your name as a renowned lawyer is awaited.

3)      Creativity: When the case is unique, Lawyers are expected to be creative in the answers that they give. You might need to come up with an out of the box solution for a unique problem. You might at some point in time need to look for multiple solutions, need to look for the facts at almost unexpected places, or you may be required to collect information that no one else could think of. Just think about the level of creativity and innovative approach that is required to be a good lawyer.

4)      Perseverance: ?Perseverance is not a long race; it is many short races one after the other.? Even studying to become a lawyer takes a great deal of perseverance and commitment ? and that?s before you even start work! You will have to be prepared to study in depth for almost whole of your life.

5)      People Skills: Irrespective of how well you have done academically, you will have to deal with different sets of people. They might be tricky, Strict, Rude, Illiterate and what not. So to cope with such people you need to have extra-ordinary interpersonal skills. The way you talk and convince them with your opinions is something that matters the most.

Just tighten up your shoe laces from the very beginning of your career days to be successful by the time your peers are just choosing their pathw


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