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Creative Jobs in the world

Creative Jobs in the world

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Have you got that Creative Keeda in you? Why settle for the landmark doctor, engineer and lawyer jobs then? Paint this world with your crazy wacky ideas and rock with your wild imagination. Here is a list of jobs that need a level beyond what we call as creativity:-








1)     A Body Painter: Love your brushes and colors? There are many people who love their bodies to be painted with deep concepts.




2)     Colour Expert: If you have that distinct power to set color combinations and decide what colors can soothe the environment and what colors can de-stress your mind, then this is your profession.




3)     Nail Polish Namer-For each type of mood, you have a nail paint that works well. And that beautiful exotic shade is named by someone. Let this someone be you for that Bubblegum shade or that breezy cool nail paint.




4)     Pick-Up Artist Instructor: If you understand the law of attraction well, you can derive ways to attract different types of people by these ways and at the same time earn a good amount of money.


5)     Eyewear Designer: Love cat-eyed glasses? Or the wayfarer one? Aviators suit your style but how about the idea of accessorizing them with crystals, flowers, little charms, etc. and design them as per your client?s requirement


6)     Landscape Architect: Landscape architects bring outdoor spaces to life. Your artistic vision results in well-designed gardens, parks and even more mundane places, like airports or traffic circles. You?re also a creative problem-solver, tackling big projects on small budgets and handling Mother Nature?s hurdles like a pro.


7)      R&D Chef: Mix culinary artistry with cutting-edge science (plus a dash of foodie love), and you?ve got one great career as an R&D chef. Whether you?re conceptualizing a new dish, perfecting a freezing method or trying to reformulate an old classic in a new way, you thrive on experiments, invention and taste testing. Lots of taste testing.


8)     Graffiti Designer: Those mysterious yet humorous characters drive you crazy? Do you have a habit of free hand sketching while you are free? Make it your means of earning and rock the world as a Graffiti Artist.


9)     Wall Artists: Paint the world with your brush and convey the message that you always wanted to. Wall artist make a city beautiful, colorful and evoke thoughts among everyday people.


10)                        A tattooist: Let people take your design with them to their graves. The tattoo is the only thing that a person takes along in his coffin. Let you be the mastermind behind that creativity and be remembered with good money in your pocket.




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