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How to shine in an online Interview

How to shine in an online Interview

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While the world is going digital, most of the companies prefer taking online interviews. Be it Skype or any other video conferencing channel; you will have to rock and shine to ensure that you make it for your dream job. Here are a few tips you need to remember to appear for an online interview:-

1)      Treat it like a conventional Interview: Don't take this interview lightly as it is an online one. Be on time, i.e., login to the portal on time and be prepared for the series of tests that you might have to appear.

2)      Test All the Technology: If you're lucky enough to have multiple devices (such as a computer, tablet, smartphone), choose the one you are most comfortable with ? and the one with the most reliable technology.

3)      Sell your Personality: the Online interview is a platform that will check your technical knowledge, your communication skills and your presentation. But your personality will not get a chance to be displayed. You get to be witty, humorous and quick in solving any problem. So sell your unique Points online.

4)      Schedule one mock interview: Under as close to identical circumstances as possible, schedule an interview with a friend, colleague, or family member. Practice both your interviewing skills, as well as the technology. If you can, record the interview so you can play it back for yourself. If can't record it, ask for as much feedback as possible -- especially for how you look and sound.

5)      Write notes before recording: Unlike other interview situations, you can have some notes in front of you (off camera) to remind you of critical issues you want to highlight, but do NOT overuse them, or you will look odd on camera

6)      Set your angle properly: The ideal scenario for your interview location is a secluded room in which you can shut out distractions (and noises), control the lighting, and display a general background. Ideally, you'll want to have some diffused lighting so as not to create shadows or glare and a plain wall as your backdrop. You should also have a location in which you can be seen on camera from about the waist up - not just your face

7)      Dress Professionally: Present yourself in professional attire, properly groomed hair and wear that confidence on your face.

8)      Be yourself: Don't be extra cautious, too extrovert or over-anxious, just Relax and be yourself.


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