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Unconventional Careers: Introduction-The Paths Less Taken

Unconventional Careers: Introduction-The Paths Less Taken

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As you young adults prepare for your board exams, attend tuitions, read through a million sites looking for career guidance and tips to ace entrance exams, don?t you think about the simpler times? The times, growing up when the answer to, "What do you want to become when you grow up?", Came as easily, like a smile. It was a fantastic time when you could dream of being an astronaut or a postman in the same night. A time when you wished you could cook or play hopscotch for a living. While some of you stuck to one profession, the more adventurous ones changed their plans on a daily basis.

And then, you grew up. Peer pressure, parental expectation and this mighty competitive world have made the process of selecting the perfect career quite stressful. While some of you know it in your heart that being a doctor, a lawyer or an engineer is perfect for you, there are a lot of undecided souls out there. The ones who are good at everything or believe they aren't good at anything. Instead of following the herd and picking up career options to appease your parents or the 'society,' try to be adventurous. List down what moves you, what you love, your strengths and your weaknesses. Spend some time discovering you.

To make the process a little simple for you, we have come up with a list of some off-the-road career options that are coming into their own. This list of unique or not-very-well-known career options just might suit you better. Gone are the days when only doctors or engineers would earn the big bucks. Today there is moolah even in some of these lesser-known careers. That is if 'money' is your biggest priority, which we are sure it's not!

So, instead of being one of the 100's of engineers being churned out of colleges, take a leap of faith. These career options might not always meet the bar set by your peers, parents or society but they will help you find happiness. Find something you would love to do, for the rest of your life. Also, remember that while a career option might be a major decision in your life, it's not something you need to be stressed about.

So, take a breath, relax and keep a look out for our list of some unique career choices.


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