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The Coolest government jobs in India

The Coolest government jobs in India

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Choosing between a government or a private job is one of the most difficult thing to do. On the one hand, private jobs give higher pay with chances of travel and a chance to show your creativity; whereas Government Jobs are all about security and perks. Also, no creativity can survive there. Well, that is what everyone thinks. Just to show that government jobs are not all bad check out these cool "Sarkari Naukri":








1.       Diplomat: Everyone knows that a diplomat gets to travel across the globe. Just by clearing Indian Civil services examination, you can become a diplomat or work in any of the foreign embassies across the globe.


2.       Research at DRDO: DRDO employs more than 5000 scientists in various fields of research. They make missiles and rockets even.


3.       ISRO Scientist: They have one of the toughest examinations which can be taken after 12th boards. It is one of the most successful organization and has launched more than 70 satellites.


4.       Intelligence Bureau Officer: Love solving puzzles? Want to do this for the rest of your life? IB is the place for you. But it requires a very high IQ.


5.       Cargo Auction Officer or Customs Officer: All your lost and found at the airports and the confiscated imported chocolate and liquor are taken home by them. They also stop smuggling illegal items across borders.


6.       Coast Guards: Like custom officers, they also get to stop smuggled goods and illegal immigrants from entering the country. Only they get to do it while driving speed boats or on hovercraft.


7.       Archeologist (ASI) or Fresco Restoration: Interested in history but cannot see beyond teaching? Well, how about getting your hands dirty, dig up monuments, explore Indian History. If that is too extreme, how about simply restoring Taj Mahal?


8.       Forest Ranger: All you need is basic general knowledge, English and elementary mathematics. Give the Indian Forest Services Examination to get your ticket to the WILD!!


9.       Photographer with photo division of India: Yes, this is a thing! Where do you think all those photos come into the Press Trust of India. These photographers also get to travel with External ministries, as well as Prime Minister of India.


10.   Travel Writer for Indian Embassy: If you are good enough, the Indian Embassy can put you in contact with the department of tourism for that country. You can travel, write and get paid all at the same time. How does that sound for a government job?



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