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Unconventional Careers: Wine Taster

Unconventional Careers: Wine Taster

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A Wine Taster is someone who has the expertise to identify various types of Wines available by tasting them. He is knowledgeable about how Wine needs to be brewed to obtain a particular taste and his expertise can also be used to brand types of wines according to their quality.

Today, Wine tasting is considered to be one of the gifted careers in the world. Apart from an in-depth knowledge about the origin, manufacturing process and unique properties of every type of wine, a Wine Taster also needs a sound knowledge about international cuisine and how to pair them with types of wine. While it is an art to be able to distinguish between Wines, one also needs the scientific knowledge to support it and succeed at it as a career.

Other Skills

You need exceptional taste buds along with active olfactory nerves which will help in recognizing the tastes and the fragrances of the Wine samples. Along with the knowledge of the Wine's manufacturing process, you should also have the motivation to taste and market the numerous variety of Wines available.


While there is no formal degree for being a Wine Taster, there are many certificate courses which teach wine tasting techniques and the scientific knowledge behind it. There are certificate courses in Wine Tasting for three months and Diploma courses for six months to 1 year. A Brewery experience helps to.

However, the formal way would be to get a Hotel Management Degree and opt for a specialization in Wine Tasting. The following colleges offer a certified course in Wine tasting.

?         Institute of Wine & Beverage Studies

?         Manipal University, Karnataka

?         Vincrest India, Delhi

?         KBR School of Wine, Mumbai

What kind of jobs can you look forward to

As a Wine Taster, you have a lot of job opportunities. As a good and qualified Wine Taster, you can expect job offers from Wine Manufacturing Units to anywhere in the Hospitality industry.

?         Breweries ad Manufacturing units use Wine Taster's knowledge to detect defects in the production process

?         Certain Wine Tasters just taste Wine at various places across the globe

?         Pubs and hotels need Wine Tasters to ensure the quality of the Wine being served and also to be abreast of all developments related to Wine.

?         Many experienced Wine Tasters also act as a consultant to offer their advice on everything related to Wines. Some are even employed by hotels to advise their guest on their Wine choices.

So, if you have great taste buds, are intrigued about the process of Brewing and would love a job that takes you around the world and lets you hobnob with the who's who in town, Wine Tasting is a profession you need to look into seriously.


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