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How to Crack an Online Interview

How to Crack an Online Interview

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An online interview, via Skype or other video calling apps, is becoming more common today. While it is helpful to attend an interview from the comforting environment of your home, it can be a little nerve-racking as well. Because an interview over the internet is impersonal and very technical, it is important that you put an effort to be more prepared for it.

1.      Environment

Pick a room without any distractions. Also, ensure that the background that the camera captures is clean and clutter free. Pick a blank wall or the curtained area of the window. The room should be well lit and noise free. You need to portray a focused and prepared stance to the interviewers.

2.      Technical soundness

Before you begin your interview, make sure your computer along with the camera, speakers and the internet connection is working fine. Try to keep a backup for any of the parts that might develop glitches during the interview.

3.      Dress well

Just because you will be interviewing from your home doesn't mean you ignore your appearance. Dress up exactly as you would if you were appearing for your interview in person. You could be tempted to dress up only on the upper half since that is the part visible to the interviewer, but avoid doing so. You never know what might happen and seeing you half-dressed isn't going to impress the interviewers much.

4.      Body language

Body language is an important part of any interview. More so for an online interview. Given the fact that the interviewers will only be focusing on your face, it becomes more important that you resist the urge to fuss with your hair or bite your fingernails. Smile, make eye contact and sit upright. While making eye contact, remember to do so with the camera on your computer rather than the screen. It is a common mistake that people make while video calling. 

5.      Research

Whatever the mode of your interview, always research the company and the profile you are applying for. Also, look up potential interview questions and prepare your answers for them. Practice in front of your family or friends. If you are not comfortable with video calling, try recording your conversation/practice session on the computer via the webcam. Looking at the recording will help you understand what you are doing wrong and you can then correct it.

Under no circumstances browse through the internet, even for looking up answers or going through company profile. Your Facebook and Twitter can wait. Study beforehand.

Being prepared for an interview will make you confident which will reflect in your voice, stance and attitude. All the best.


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