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5 Part Time Jobs you should consider

5 Part Time Jobs you should consider

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While part-time job can be a great way to earn a few extra bucks during college years, today, it is not about JUST the money anymore. With a plethora of job offerings, students are turning to part-time jobs as a way to earn more experience as well. It is a way to dip your toe in any of your dream professions before you make it official. So, whether you find yourself with too much free time, an abundance of creativity and energy or an urge to find out what all is out there, these 5 part time jobs will help you.

  1. Online work: If you are technically good and do not mind the boring hours spent on the laptop, there are many online jobs available, from data entry to ad posting. These pay pretty good but may not offer too much of an experience.
  2. Event management: If you have always wanted to be an emcee or organize parties, you should try interning with an event management firm. Regardless of the pay, getting hands-on experience at the job will be helpful in the long run.
  3. Interning: The summer internships from college are a formal affair; there are reports to be submitted and boundaries to be maintained. Try branching out a little. Take up some/any office internship while studying. Without the burden of formality, things might be quite different. Working part time with retail stores and high-end luxury stores is also a great option. The experience counts and will help you make future decisions.
  4. Creative writing: From content writing to copywriting, there are a host of opportunities today to help you unleash and nurture your creativity. While they might all not be great paying jobs, they will help you understand the industry.
  5. Fashion: College is probably the best time for exposure to the fashion industry. After that, it is mostly boring business suits that will adorn your wardrobes. Whether you are interested in being the face out there or managing the back end, get in touch with fashion designer/stylists and other outlets to see what you can do.

It might be a daunting to manage your work and college schedule. Though it will teach you time management skills, you can always quit the job in case it is eating too much of your study time.



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