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Top Ten Careers in Arts and Humanities

Top Ten Careers in Arts and Humanities

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Arts and humanities are surely very lucrative career streams for aspirants looking for stable and high paying opportunities. Contrary to the belief, careers in arts, social science, and humanities today are as lucrative and prestigious career options as their engineering and medical counterparts.

Here are top ten careers any art and humanities graduates can aim for:-

1.   Lawyer/Attorney

Earning a bachelor's degree in history is one way to prepare for law school. In addition, one has to earn a Juris Doctor (JD) and pass the bar exam to become a lawyer. A corporate lawyer's annual income could range between INR 10 lakhs - 25lakhs from fresher to the middle level.

2.   Public Relation

Public Relations is the most sort-after and growing career field, specifically at corporates. This stream requires strong reading, writing and interpersonal skills. A PR manager earns an annual package of INR 15 lakhs - 50 lakhs variably.

3.      Editor

An English literature graduate who worked for the college paper can choose this career field. The publishing houses and media industry, even corporates are constantly on the lookout for editors. One could earn a salary from INR 10 Lakhs - 50 Lakhs at various positions.

4.   Journalist

One with a master's degree in English Literature can choose journalism. If you have the inclination, you can start with writing blogs and articles for local newspapers. A journalist can earn between INR 5 Lakhs - 25 Lakhs, annually.

5.  Content Writer

A good percentage of marketing/advertising specialists hold a bachelor's degree in English Literature. With a strong command over the language and inclination towards writing, a content writer can earn a salary of INR 10 lakhs to 25 lakhs annually.

6.  Interior Designer

A candidate with a graduation degree in any field can pursue an associate or bachelor degree in Interior Design. Interior Designers earn salaries of INR 15 lakhs to 40 Lakhs annually.

7. Art Direction

Art Directors require at least a bachelor's degree in art, design, photography, or a related discipline combined with previous work experience to qualify for employment. Earnings for Art Directors range INR 15 lakhs to 40 Lakhs annually.

8. Graphic Designer

Candidates can begin an entry-level position through a bachelor degree programs in fine arts or graphic design disciplines. Their annual salaries range from 10 lakhs to 25 lakhs annually.

9.  SFX/Animator

For an entry level position as an Animator, candidates require a bachelor degree/diploma in art or computer 2D/3D graphic disciplines combined with work experience and strong technical skills. Animators could earn anything between INR 10 lakh to 25 lakhs annually.

10. Teacher/Professor

After gaining a Bachelor's degree, a candidate can pursue B.Ed/M.Ed or Ph.D. to become a qualified teacher or Professor. A high school teacher gets a salary of up to 8-10 lakhs annually. A professor, depending on specialization, can get an annual salary of 10- 20 lakhs.


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