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Unconventional Careers: Chocolatier!!

Unconventional Careers: Chocolatier!!

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After wine and tea, let's try something more decadent. First, let's clear the air and highlight the fact that the neighbor Aunty who make 'Homemade' chocolates for the society, is NOT a chocolatier.

Chocolate, in all its glory, has always had a magical hold on us. Of course, as kids, you would probably think the world of any chocolate bar you could get hold of. However, now with a good exposure to imported chocolates and different flavors, we all know how there?s a whole new level of pure bliss and decadence. A chocolatier understands the beauty and power of the cocoa bean. He or she creates artisan chocolates from scratch. While niche, this branch of culinary delights is surely and slowly taking over the world.

 What Academic background do you need

You need to be 12th pass or a graduate to pursue further courses. A science background helps. 

Any other skills that might be useful

You need a love for all things sweet and a creative streak. You would also need a scientific mind to understand and then manipulate the chocolate making process so that you can make it dance to your tunes and flavors. A healthy interest in international cuisines and alcoholic beverages definitely seals the deal. An understanding of the cocoa industry, sustainable cocoa farming and Fairtrade products is a plus.

You would also need a lot of will power to not gorge on all the beautiful chocolates you create, but that's not mandatory!

What do you need to study and where do you go

The Chocolatier career is still in its nascent stages in India, and hence, there aren't many colleges offering courses in this field. In most of the culinary institutes, it is just a part of the syllabus or offered as a specialization. There are a few private colleges that offer short term courses for this career path. 

  1. The Chocolate Academy in Mumbai
  2. Barry Callebaut India Private Limited
  3. Craft and Social Development Organization (CSDO)
  4. Swiss wrap Chocolate Academy
  5. MAPP - Magnificence Academy of Packaging Professionals

However, if you are very determined to become a Chocolatier, you can always look at colleges abroad. Courses aside, interning with a master chef in the industry is a much better way of learning this art.

What kind of jobs can you look forward to

Many chocolate manufacturing companies, restaurants and Confectionaries also look for Chocolatiers to guide them. Apart from joining an artisanal chocolatier, you could look at opening your little brand. While it is a little expensive, it is not an impossible dream to achieve.


Any success stories

Amongst the well-known chocolatiers in India, there's Sanjoy Solomon with his label, 'The Bean Therapy', Mandakini Gupta and her label, 'Smitten Bakery and Patisserie', a French Husband Wife duo in Pondicherry and Earth loaf, the bean to bar company of UK-based chocolatiers, David Belo and Angelika Anagnostou.



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