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Defense as a Career

Defense as a Career

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Indian army is the third largest defend force in the world followed by USA and China. Indian armed force defend's the vast land, water and aerial borders of India and known for their valor. Apart from defending geographical boundaries, the army also comes for civilian aid during natural calamities like earthquakes, flood or civil riots.


Indian Army offers excellent career opportunities to a myriad of adventurous young candidates. It is an extraordinary career option that offers extensive facilities, a privileged lifestyle and honor as well pride to serve the motherland. Life in armed forces is pretty exciting, at times you will get the opportunity to go places and do things that your friends in civilian life can never do.


Each year, the Indian Army employ more than a million young men and women. Any Indian irrespective of his caste, sex and religion are eligible for recruitment, provided he or she meets the stipulated physical, medical and educational criteria.


How to Get There?

A student who completed higher secondary education (Plus two level) can opt for an engineering career in the Army or Navy through Technical entry procedures and moreover no UPSC examination is required for this entry.

Also, some choose for entry through National Defence Academy which is followed by a written UPSC exam. NDA provides world class training facilities which include a graduation degree in science or humanities from Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), Delhi. Indian armed forces offer unique opportunities to develop self-personality and pursue new interests: One can choose from thirty different areas of interests like aero-modeling, golf, gliding, sailing, wind surfing astronomy and much more.


A university graduate can join through the Combined Defence Services examination as a regular army officer or as a short service commissioned officer. Regular commissioned officers are trained at Indian Military Academy, Dehradun. On the other hand, training for short serviced commission officers is carried out at Officer's Training Academy in Chennai, and they serve for five years. On completion of the term above, he can either resign or opt for an extension of another five years or even for a permanent commission.


It's all about the lifestyle tempered by discipline, pride and extraordinary courage offered by services which cannot be matched with any other. Large monetary compensation in private sector attracts a lot of young people, but prolonged stress due to huge work pressure eventually makes them torn out in no time. So, it's time for the new generation to realize that life is not all about only monetary fund's, rather one should enjoy the journey of life.


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