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Career Choices

Career Choices

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Two decades ago, Indian parents and relatives were known for their orthodox stereotypical question "Beta, you want to be an engineer or a doctor?". That generation's career choices were limited to the safer fields of Engineering and Medicine.

However, in the recent times, the perspective of the parents as well as of the students has changed due to the emerging career choices in the other fields too. Students are no longer bound to the trite fields of Medicine, Law and Engineering.

Today, Humanities, Arts, Commerce and even Sciences provide a plethora of opportunities for new learning. Vocational skills and professionalism or specialization in one particular field have become the need of the hour. Distance Learning has become a boon for the hundreds of students who want/ have to earn while pursuing higher studies.

Commerce: This field offers enormous options to the younger generation. Nowadays, colleges are offering BBA in 8-9 different specialization fields like International Business, Accounting, Management and Economics and what not!Institutions like Narsee Monjee, Amity University, offer six months Certificate Program in Management at distance learning!

Arts and Humanities: This field is no longer limited to the authors or professors. Majors in English, Sociology, Geography, Philosophy and many new options are pursued by the new generation. Many students even go for the civil services exams and other government jobs. Pursuing LLB after graduation is also an option taken up by many. Students also take up Hotel Management, Designing, Mass Communication and various other skillful professions.

Sciences: Students are going beyond the Bachelor's in the field of pure sciences like physics or chemistry. They are pursuing sciences like natural resources and environment, biochemical, artificial intelligence and much more.

Looking at the pace of advancement in the educational sector, students can pursue whatever they have an eye on! But this comes with a caution to make their choices wisely and effectively.



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