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Golden Words For Teens

Golden Words For Teens

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Teens is the age when you have abundance of energy, vigor and enthusiasm. But this is also the age when your mind and body are going through a lot of changes. What you need to do is make the best of this age and not get distracted. Note these and let your teens be a time to remember and not to regret:

  1.  Be a Pro-active person- Your brain is developing now and you will have to train yourself and your brain to act and decide quickly to get into action.
  2. Keep yourself updated- Read journals, encyclopedias, age appropriate novels, build up your word bank, gain knowledge apart from text books and most importantly, read the newspaper everyday. These will soon turn into habits which will be beneficial to you throughout your life.
  3. You can't ignore sports- Be a player of the game which you like the most. This will help you in many ways. Sports help you concentrate better, build team-spirit and help you accept failures in life. Apart from enhancing your confidence levels it prepares you to deal with real life.
  4. Gadgets are good- If used properly technology can lead you to an ocean of possibilities that you haven't thought of. Be a google expert and learn as much as you can.
  5. Learn Music- You will treat music like a waste of time but you don't know the benefits of it in life. Music keeps you calm, balanced and stress free. Play some instrument or learn vocal. If music isn't your thing, try to learn some other art or craft. In times of stress, you will turn to these skills to keep you sane. 

Be a person who is a Jack of All but master of one. Make teens the golden years of your life.


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