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Decision that could have changed my life

Decision that could have changed my life

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When I was 18 a series of events shook me. Let me be a cautionary tale so that you all can take care of such things and take a right step in your life. It was my 10th boards' last exam, my dad picked me from my exam Centre and on the way he asked me what subject I wanted to take up. I was quite confident I will take science (Biology). He being concerned about my career asked me why. I said because I wanted to be a doctor. Then he told me that I would be required to study day-night and even then there was no guarantee of getting into a good MBBS college. On the other hand if I put the same level of efforts in Commerce, I will reach the sky and he will be able to help me better considering his expertise in the subject.

Moved by him and his words, I decided to choose the easy looking path. But that was my 1st mistake. Had I been confident about my decision, I would have taken up a career in medical science and not tortured my brain in chartered accountancy for years. Mind it, I have studied day and night for 12th and every year for CA but still couldn't clear the finals.

So ultimately, there is no escape from hard-work. Now coming to another decision that made me not-so-successful in my career is that I got distracted in my teens. The obvious reason of attraction. Friends! Teenage is a phase in which number of things will allure you and will try to deviate you from your goals. Getting attracted to the opposite sex is very common and usual but don't let it overcome your goals. Of course, when you are experiencing your first crush/love, your brain will lose to your heart and there might be digressions, but try to keep a stronger hold. And learn to bounce back to your original path as soon as you realize that you might be straying away from it.

So, the crux of the story is -

  1. You should be confident about your decisions.
  2. There is no easy way to success.

  3. Distractions should not come in the way of your golden future.


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