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Why the companies like Google, Facebook etc. are cool and others are not!

Why the companies like Google, Facebook etc. are cool and others are not!

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Dressed in baggy denims, torn sneakers and a sling bag, He steps out of home at 12 assured that he will be back at home by 5. On being asked, he replies that is heading towards his damn too cool office, Google - "The best place to work" as ranked by many surveys. On other hand this other person, wearing properly ironed trousers with matching socks, contrast tie, pleated shirt and shining shoes with a heavy laptop bag on his shoulders, leaves for office at 8:30 am sharp. Not sure if he will be able to be in time for dinner at 9 or not; he is an employee of a Top IT company.

But why this vast gap? Is Google not working or not expecting its employees to work hard? Or are IT companies in some kind of a race? 

I will tell you the difference:-

  1. Smart Work Vs Hard Work:- I was working for an IT company, where all the employees log in by 10 and gear up for work by 12ish. What is the sense of wasting those precious hours and slogging late at night? Let me tell you who are these people who want to sit late at night and create such a culture, bachelors living away from home to work in a big city. They like to sit in office for free internet, Air conditioning and don't forget those complimentary snacks that companies provide to people who sit late. Work smartly for life and not hardly for over-time perks.
  2. Innovative or Monotonous work:- If you work differently and you have an out-of-the-box idea, you don't need to put fix 9 hours in a day to prove yourself. Your style matters and not the hours.
  3. Working on Robots or working like Robots:- If you are in Microsoft, you will be working on creation of technology and not working like a machine for the companies that want cheap labor. Companies need to recognize the talent that they have in-house.
  4. Setting free will bring him back:- Human nature is like a ping pong ball. The more you hold on, the more pressure it will apply to bounce back, that's why Google, Facebook etc give all the flexibility to its employees to keep the attrition rate balanced. Give your employees relaxed timings and see the loyalty that they give you in return.

Grow up guys, get a life. There is a concept like WORK-LIFE balance which if initiated by you will definitely compel these IT companies to change the culture. Let's prove the fact that Indian work force is the most innovative one and not the cheapest one.


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