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Travel a lot in your growing years

Travel a lot in your growing years

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What is traveling? Is it about reaching a destination? Is it about being a tourist to a place?

The answer lies in your heart. It's different for everyone. For one person traveling is visiting a far-off place, for someone it is meeting different people, for some it is exploring new terrains. But for a student who is in his growing years traveling is a way of learning.

When you travel, you learn several things. From being independent to being responsible.  From adjusting in different climates to adjusting with different people.

Let's learn what you earn while you travel:-

  1. Experiences enrich your life: When you travel you experience a lot of things. Sleeping under the stars or beach cycling or accomplishing a difficult peak or diving into deep waters is not what everyone thinks of doing. Stand out in your peer group. I remember what I have seen on my Sikkim trip when I was 8. These memories are long-lasting. You can forget what you have heard of or read about. But it's almost impossible to forget something that you have experienced.
  2. You become a little story teller: While travel leaves you speechless, it turns you into a story-teller. After every trip, you have some good or bad or strange stories to share. Make travel your habit and not those video games.
  3. Self-motivated is what you feel: Once you are into traveling, I bet you won't look back. You will want to be a young explorer. You will be more interested in your geography class, reading maps is what you will love and getting adjusted with new people will never be a task for you.
  4. Helps you focus better: After your long exams-classes-school cycle, if you take a break, travel with your parents, siblings or peers. You will feel rejuvenated and be motivated to concentrate better and perform well. You may consider traveling as a reward for your good performance in exams.
  5. Learning new cultures: Remembering history will not be a problem if you have been to historical places. If you have visited red fort in Delhi, nobody can erase its facts from memory. Now you know it's in Delhi, it has xyz darbars and so and so used to sit where. Voila! You are a history champ now.
  6. You learn life hacks: Travel helps you learn life skills. You know what to do when you forget to bring a few things or when you know you have to make use of every drop of water available. You know what first aid is to be done when.

Travel as much as you can. You have ample of energy levels and adaptability to learn and adjust to new things.


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