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Fashion hacks for students!!

Fashion hacks for students!!

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Hey there, all the cute chicks and smarty boys! You are the trendsetters in today's day and age. Let's learn how small changes can turn you into a total fashionistas of your group:-

  1. Yes to large shirts: Girls do you have an elder brother? Steal his favorite denim or checkered shirt and pair it with your everyday t-shirt inside and that old jeans. The same works great for boys too. Pair a loose shirt with denims and you are all set for your hangout.
  2. Cut short those denims: Get all your denims trimmed to ankle length. It's so in trend that you will fall in love with your ex-jeans. If trimming isn't an option, then just fold it outwards and you're set.
  3. Get into those tennis shoes: Your school tennis shoes are sitting right there in the cupboard, grab them, wash them or decorate them with stamps/sequins/sketches and you have your DIY sneakers. If you like a no design look. Wear them the way they are, after all white sneakers are in vogue.
  4. Girls make your mom happy: Wear your short skirts with a pair of skinny leggings and long boots. Now your mummy will be happier to see you in full clothes and you will still be stylish.
  5. Faded jeans at home: Love that rough denims look. Don't go to the store and spend a hefty amount for it. Take out your old denims and scrap them with a foot scrubber. Just be careful, you don't want a dirty look, just a trendy one.

The new fashionista is ready to flaunt his/her makeover. Shhhh? but remember it's a secret after all.


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