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Why learn classical Music or Dance while you are in School?

Why learn classical Music or Dance while you are in School?

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We all have an inclination either towards music or dance, but what is the best time to learn it? It's when you are in school. Let's see why:

  1. School years are relaxed: This is the only phase in life when you will have the time to learn new things. Classical learning requires at least 2-3 years , invest your precious years in these arts. You will have learning of a lifetime.
  2. Energy levels are high: During your growing years, you have a massive store of energy which if utilized properly can help you in bring out the hidden talent in you. So, make the best of these years.
  3. Helps you concentrate better: Classical music or Dance requires you to  learn the taals and types of music. You will be required to tune yourself as per the music style. It will help you to enhance your senses and work in a set direction.
  4. Hand-Eye-brain coordination is what you will develop: If talking about classical dance, you will gain a high level of coordination in your body. Also, they will de-stress you and become a good physical activity to keep you in form.
  5. A Better understanding of different emotions: Music and dance help you to express in a better way. They showcase all your emotions through eyes, voice and gestures. This way you know how and when to express yourself. You know the importance of expression in life which helps you be calmer and stay contented.

Go find a good teacher or an institution who can teach you classical music/dance. Also, they should have properly designed courses from affiliated universities. You can even think of making your career in them later on. You never know who turns out to be next Pandit Ravi Shankar or Birju Maharaj ?


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