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10 essentials to pack for college

10 essentials to pack for college

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Packing up for college and have no idea where to begin? Here?s a handy list of 20 essential items that you should definitely pack up before you leave for your college hostel.

1. Toiletries

While there will be a shop on campus, it might not be easy to access it immediately as you set foot on the campus and sharing these personal items might not be a choice.

    1. Toothbrush

    2. Toothpaste

    3. Shampoo

    4. Soap

    5. Hand-wash

Hopefully you will find buckets and mugs in the hostel, however, if in doubt, carry a set.

2. Medicines

    A set of OTC drugs for stomach flu, fever, headache, cough etc. is a must. Apart from these, carry at least 3-6 months supply of your prescription medicines if any. Also, in case you have any severe medical conditions, make sure to find a doctor near your college to treat you and also mention it to your warden, roommates and other people so that they know how to react in case of an emergency. Carrying a small first aid kit makes sense too.

  1. Electronics

Being the youth of today, your phone, laptop and chargers are probably the first things your pack. Take a few more essentials with them like,

    1. Charger

    2. Multiplug

    3. Rechargeable battery kit

    4. Pen drive


    Whether you have a big campus or small, there will be a lot of walking involved in your college life. Take comfortable footwear with you.

      1. Sneakers

      2. Floaters/ Sandals

      3. Shower flip flops

            5. Furnishings

    Even if the college provides furnishings, take a set from home so as to make you feel homey.

      1. Bedding

      2. Curtains

      3. Towels

              6. Documents

      Take several copies of self attested documents. You will need it for further paperwork in the admin/admissions department.

        1. Id proof- Adhaar, passport etc

        2. Birth certificate

        3. School mark sheets and provisional certificates

        4. Medical prescription if any

                7. Food

        This is probably the most important thing you will pack. Remember, before you get used to the hostel food and meal timings, you might need to sustain on Maggi and other snacks in your room, so stock up! Also, carry extra because you might end up feeding your entire dormitory.

        8.  Accessories

            These are a few things you require and might not find in your campus shops.

          1. Table lamp

          2. Mosquito repellent

          3. Hangers

          4. Cloth clips

          5. Nail cutter

          6. Shoe polish

                9. Stationery

        While you can buy everything from this list at your campus shop, carry a set just in case. Never hurts to be prepared.

          1. Books

          2. Pens

          3. Pencils

          4. Erasers 

            10. Emergency kit

        These are the items which usually don't get used but you need to carry them anyway.

          1. Rechargeable Torch

          2. Batteries

          3. Ready to eat meals

        Happy packing and good luck!


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