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Agenda for Summer Vacations

Agenda for Summer Vacations

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Whoa! Summer vacations have begun. It's the time to have fun and relax. But how about the idea of learning new things while enjoying. These days learning is essential in every step we take in life. Why not utilize these vacations and stand out in the crowd? Let you teacher be surprised by your new set of skills. Let your peers see a newer you when the session resumes. Let's see what you can do in these vacations-

1) Learn a new language because one or two are not enough for this world. Go for French, German or Japanese.

2) Culinary Art is talk of the town: Learn the art of holding and eating with fork and knife.

3) Little master chef is here: New dishes are waiting for you to try your hands on them.

4) Rock the stage as a guitarist Be the new band player in your school orchestra

5) Next Drama Queen/ King is awaited: If you like drama and theaters, learn it from somewhere and next annual function of your school will be all your show.

6) Adventure is new or it's the new you? Get involved into some sort of adventure activities like trekking, hiking, scuba diving etc. and spread this addictive habit to others.

7) Self-Defence is the need of hour: Learn to be strong and to do so, learn some defense art. Be it Taekwondo or Judo. Learn to keep yourself safe!

8)Calligraphy is art-O-graphy: If stylish handwriting is what you are seeking. Go ahead for calligraphy.

9) Summer of Salsa: Mind your steps and learn salsa dance.

10) Soft-Skills are important: In this competitive world, you need to know the soft skills of a proper body language, communicating and presenting yourself.

11) Paint the world: Learn painting

12) Be a little young Writer: Write for some comics or children magazine.

13) Be a little Fashion Designer: Many a magazines have competitions for young designers.

14) Color your room: Please consult your parents before this. 

15) Travel with parents and learn about the world. This helps in bringing the family closer together.


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