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5 things you can do to cheer up your hostel room

5 things you can do to cheer up your hostel room

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Hostel rooms are more than often drab, lifeless and to be honest, quite depressing. They will end up making you more homesick than anything else on the campus. So, let's cheer up your hostel room. You don't need to get any fancy things to do so. The best option would be to carry a few things from back home so that you can feel like you never moved at all. However, if you were sharing a room with your sibling, this might not work. No worries, get a few things and get to work. Remember, they can be the extras from your home or things that you can easily buy at a sale. The point is to make the hostel room a space of your own. So, no need to go overboard.

  1. Paint: Most hostels allow you to paint your room so color away. In case you are too lazy to paint the entire wall, let out your creativity and see what happens. You can just paint dots all over or make splashes of color in the corner. Just own it. Also, before you begin, read the college documents carefully to understand what kind of damages you might end up paying when you leave the room.
  2. Furnishing: This part makes the biggest difference. Your own sheets, your own pillows and your own comfortable blanket. Get some brightly colored curtains to uplift the mood of the room as well.
  3. Lighting: Lighting can make or break the room's vibe. From neon to soft yellow lights, select the one that coincides with your personality. Try to be honest with this because you will be the one living with it and studying in it.
  4. Personalize: A bean bag, a foot mat, a few of your favorite books, your trusted alarm clock on the bedside table or even your chipped mug from back home are enough to make your hostel room feel cozy. Placing familiar things around you will really help you get over your homesickness.
  5. DIYs: Instead of spending money on frames, tape picture to the wall with bright sparkly tapes, or hang them with wooden clips over a wire. Hang some curtains or rice lights around the room, or paint a graffiti on the wall. There are a lot of DIY projects that are budget friendly and a lot of fun.

So, you don't need to spend the big bucks to get your hostel room to feel homey. Just your imagination and creativity.


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