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5 tips for your first day on campus

5 tips for your first day on campus

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The first day anywhere, be it your kindergarten or school or college or even office, is quite a scary thought. While you are gushing with excitement and enthusiasm to step into the brand new phase of your life, you should take a moment to ensure you put your best foot forward. Committing a faux-pas on your first day might not exude the vibe and impression you were intending to.  And as they say, first impressions are very important. So here are 5 tips to help you make a good impression on the first day of your college.

  1. Presentation

Dress well. Find out if there are any dress regulations and follow them. The first day isn't really the time to 'fight the system'. So rein in your indignation and remember, you are stepping into a whole new world with its own set of rules and regulations. While they might not help your fashion statement, they are here to stay and you need to follow through.

  1. Follow rules

Whether you have been a good student all through and are roaring to test your boundaries or you have been the bad one of the bunch, the first day of the college isn't the time or the place to flaunt your rule-breaking attitude. Of course, there will be a list of rules you don?t like but remember, they have been there for ages while students like you have come and gone. So, for the sake of your future, follow the rules.

  1. Don?t be a know it all

College students, especially the seniors can smell a pretentious newcomer from miles away. Whether your seniors are more intelligent or not, they are your seniors. Respect them. Talk less and listen more.

  1. Be social

Be nice and polite to all, including the servers in the mess or the janitor cleaning your hostel room. College is just the first step towards real-life, embrace it. Make new friends and don't be judgmental. Do not discriminate on the basis of background or looks. Look around. These are going to be 'your' people for the next 3/4 years and this is where you will make lifelong friends and networks. Also, don?t be a creep, don't try to be overtly friendly, read the signs and maintain your distance.

  1. Smile

Your body language shouldn't be defensive. Be open to new faces, friends, challenges. Remember, the others are equally nervous about being there.

Finally, if it doesn't turn out to be the best day, don't fret. Tomorrow is a new day and you have four more years to go.


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