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5 ways to build your resume during college years

5 ways to build your resume during college years

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College years are to have a sound education, loads of fun, experiences and make a lot of memories. It is also a great time to build up your resume to ensure you are able to make a favorable impression on recruiters to get that dream job. Or, you could build up your resume to gain experience to start your own venture. These resume points also help in case you apply for higher education. Here are 5 ways in which you can do so:


  1. Choose relevant extra curricular

Dreaming of a marketing degree after your engineering? Take up sales for your fests. Learn cold calling and get hands on experience of sales calls. Of course indulging your hobbies and interests are important but always try to get some experience too.


  1. Project

Start your own unique project to see how you fare in it and also to show your future employers how good you are at taking initiatives. It could be an on or off campus project where you also get to learn a lot. In case you cannot come up with any unique ideas, try to bag a cool internship or start up your own blog and build your brand. It's all about taking the initiative to do something which separates you from the rest.


  1. Associations

Every college has chapters of associations, get associated with them. You will gain a plethora of knowledge, information and contacts through these. In case there aren't any association chapters in your college, try to start one. It will showcase your ability to take initiative and also help you create your legacy.


  1. Scholarships and competitions

There will be many assignments where you will be required to write papers for your subjects. Try to take it further and see if you can get them published or turn them into research papers. Apply for academic scholarships and competitions as much as you can. This is help you improve your knowledge base.


  1. Network

Attend all the conferences and symposiums on and off campus to meet the who's who of the industry. Learn to network, try to make connections and bag internships in the field of your choice. Maintain your connections well.

While it is not necessary to have an intense and boring 4 years of college at your college, keep these tips in your mind to ensure you don't lose any opportunity to build up your resume. 


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