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5 ways to prepare yourself for college

5 ways to prepare yourself for college

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If you thought preparing for exams, waiting for results and getting admitted in the college were harrowing experiences, you haven't seen half of it yet. Whether you are a day scholar or a resident at your college, it's a life-changing experience. The sinister rumors, million pre-conceived notions, frowny seniors, mile long list of DONTS and scary professors are just the half of it. Also, these are mostly external challenges you need to deal with. While these are surely daunting, you need to face and conquer your internal struggles and challenges as well. here are 5 ways you need to start preparing yourself in.

  1. Independence

You must have hated your mom urging you to get up 6, the constant reprimands about eating your food or the grilling questions about every single move you made. With college, you will get rid of all that. While it does sound like a relief, it can turn disastrous if you are not careful. Of course, no one will nag you to eat your food on time but there will be no one to save it for you either. If you miss your meal, you just wait for the next one. Or if you turn up late, you lose marks. Point is, while the freedom may feel like a birthright, treat it like a privilege and never misuse it.

  1. Finances

Unless you are one of the brats who probably has a personal credit card, you need to be careful with your finances. You can even take up part time jobs to supplement the pocket money you receive from home.

  1. Discipline

While nobody will ask you to be on time, you will always be punished for tardiness. Learn to use the alarm clock on your phone and always remember there are consequences to your every action. Follow rules wherever applicable and learn to deal with authorities.

  1. Social interactions

You could be an extrovert or an introvert, from an all-boys school or a co-ed one, in college, it's a level playing field. Try really hard not to judge people or make enemies. If you don't like somebody, try to be polite and avoid them. Remember, the people skills you learn and practice in college will help you throughout your life.

  1. Confidence

Remember, you deserve to be here. You studied hard, cleared your exams and an interview to reach here. You may be from a rich family or a middle class one, from the metros or from some tiny town, it doesn't matter anymore. What matters from now on if how you fare in your studies and what you make of yourself. Rein in your confidence and walk tall!


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