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Why should you study?

Why should you study?

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Every time you get frustrated over a particular topic or a subject, you sit back to wonder why through this torture of studying and picking up a career/job? Especially when there are so many jobs out there with higher earnings than your average IT engineer. For instance, the porter at the railway station or the UBER driver. In fact, there are many educated professionals, who are quitting their jobs to become cab drivers, just because it pays better.

While these other options might seem lucrative, considering you don't need to study for them, they are not always a good plan for your entire life. If you are looking for some reasons 'why you should study', here are some good ones.

  1. All about the money

There is no doubt that a porter or a cab driver might be earning more than you when you start out in any profession. However, once you start gaining experience and skills, you also start earning more. However, the driver or the porter or laborer will still be stuck at the same pay.


  1. Not about the money

In case you think a job like this will be stress free and will give you a lot of time to enjoy life. Think again. With the given traffic conditions, the ego of the customers and the terrible work conditions, you might want to rethink the assumption that the jobs of a porter or a driver are stress-free.


  1. Skill set

Whichever profession you end up in, you will need only a certain set of pre-defined skill set which might need some updating over time. With the other jobs, you need to be good at negotiation, at accommodating egos, have a lot of patience and be very flexible. And unless you are inherently good at these, there?s no place to learn them.


  1. Future planning

With no health benefits, pension schemes or investments to help you, you will need to continue working menial jobs forever. Studying now sounds much better than no retirement plan, doesn?t it?


  1. Standard of living

You grew up with a certain standard. Your parents worked hard to get you educated. Don?t you aspire for a better standard of living for yourself? The goal of life is to keep progressing and not going backwards. Education will not only help you making a living but also help you uplift your current standards.


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