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Agriculture as a Career

Agriculture as a Career

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These days everyone is either choosing Engineering or Medicine. After +12 those who take science as their main group, consider MBBS as their main option. It is a great choice, however, for those who cannot score a medical seat, there are other options. For example, one can choose Agriculture BSc as their option.

          Agriculture is the back bone of India. In agriculture based countries like India, there is a continuous demand for the agriculture experts. One can either go for a Diploma in Agriculture (2-3 years) or for a degree (4 years).

Benefits of Diploma in Agriculture

There are many colleges in India offering a Diploma in Agriculture. By doing a Diploma one can write the AAO (Assistant Agriculture Officer) exam and settle for that job. Although one needs to do higher studies for future promotion but it still has a good pay scale. One can also go for various other jobs in private sector such as a Teaching Assistant or can start their own Pesticide or Nursery or various other agriculture based shops and have their own source of income. Government has schemes which provide loans to those who want to start such business by providing loans at low interest rates.

Benefits of Agriculture Degree                                                                

There are various colleges offering Agriculture Degree in India. An ICAR recognised college would be better. One needs to write ICAR All India UG Entrance Exam to get admission into the top ICAR colleges. Various States and Universities conduct their own entrance tests for such colleges. By doing this degree one is eligible for the position of an AO (Agriculture Officer) in various nationalised banks. Also, various pesticides and agriculture based companies offer jobs to freshers as field officers etc. One can also write the ICAR scientist exam.

One can even do an MSc in any agriculture subjects. With an MSc degree under one's belt, it is easier to get promoted from AAO to AO (Agriculture Officer), a Grade-1 officer. One can also write the exam for ARS(Assistant Research Scientist) and NET and receive a stipend while completing their PhD. After an MBA in Agri Business management, you can also start your own enterprise. For those who want to go for Civil Services, choose Forestry as the main subject, it will help in achieving your career goals.


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