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How this School Teacher Cracked the UPSC and got All India Rank 3

How this School Teacher Cracked the UPSC and got All India Rank 3

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Cracking the Civil Services exam is a dream for millions of people in India. Lots of them leave everything and go to Delhi or some other big city for coaching so that they can crack the exam and fulfill their dream. Ronanki Gopala Krishna is very different. He is a school teacher who was teaching little kids in AP before the UPSC 2016 results were announced. He got All India Rank 3 and that is just the tip of the iceberg. 

Ronanki has been a teacher in a primary school for the last 11 years. His family belongs to Parasamba village of Palasa block in Srikakulam district.

His parents were so poor that they could not afford to send him to private schools. He managed to somehow get admitted to a government school and completed his intermediate course with maths, physics and chemistry at the Government Junior College, Palasa. "Then I did a two-year teachers' training course at Dubacharla in west Godavari district and was selected as a government teacher in 2006. Getting a job was my priority as I had to earn my own livelihood," Ronanki told the media.

As a secondary grade school teacher, Ronanki appeared for his graduation privately from Andhra University, Visakhapatnam, and completed his B Sc (MPC). His dream, however, "was to make it to the IAS. I had been preparing for it for almost a decade. Finally, I could achieve my goal in my fourth attempt," he said.

As he had done schooling and intermediate course in the Telugu medium, Ronanki chose Telugu literature as his optional in the civils (mains). Interestingly, he was also allowed by UPSC to appear for the personality test in Telugu. "With the help of the Telugu interpreter, I could face the interview boldly," he said.

His father was a land laborer and they were shunned out of their village because his father had once gone and had a meal in a function of some other caste. From then on, their family were not given any support from their village and were continuously troubled by the villagers. Speaking to the media, Mr. Ronanki had even said that the day before the interview, the villagers ran amok and ruined their plants in the land given to them by the government. He said that his parents called him to inform him about it and he told them that you have to live on to see my success. 

From the bottom of our hearts, we wish Mr. Ronanki All the very Best in Life. It is people like him that show that with dedication and hard work, anything can be achieved in Life.


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