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An Open Letter to Modi Ji from an Engineering Graduate looking for a Job

An Open Letter to Modi Ji from an Engineering Graduate looking for a Job

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Dear Sir,

I am an Engineer looking for a Job. I completed Engineering recently and am desperate to do something to start my career. If this letter reaches you, I would request you to help hundreds of thousands of people like me across India. I am from Hyderabad. Over the last 10 years or so, Engineering seats have grown like anything. We have lakhs of people coming out with an Engineering Degree every year, but the colleges have not increased the quality of professors/ lecturers in anyway. 

The Seniors who graduated two years before us and tried hard to get a job, but could not have come back to College to become our Lecturers. They may have had their share of problems, but we really don't the interest or motivation to study. Once the motivation levels start dropping, it becomes extremely difficult to be back on track again.

We do not yet have the experience to start something on our own. Our parents lose their sleep when we even bring up the idea of starting up a new company before them. 

Sir, please look into Skill Development Centers running across India. I enrolled in one center myself and found it to be more like a scam. There is no proper training given. Most of my friends who have joined other centers have had similar things to say. Please ensure that there are more checks and balances so that people like us are not taken for a ride and have a decent shot at getting the Jobs. Everyone just promises that all we need to do is enroll and there will be many jobs lined up for us. Lot of students from very poor financial backgrounds come to the City, spend their parents' hard earned money on Hostels in the Hope that the Skill Development Center can get them a Job. Their parents have even higher hopes that their kids will now "settle" in lives. Very few students actually get the Job and that too because of their own efforts rather than the SDC efforts.

I really don't know if there is any helpline for recent graduates looking for career support, but if possible, please set up something like that. We would be able to convey our concerns and problems.

Most of the private companies that were coming to the campus for recruitment have stopped coming over the last 6 months or so.

It is beyond any reasonable doubt that we have our own selves to blame to a large degree as we often waste time and don't take things seriously till it is very late. Now, we want to change and make a good beginning, but finding it difficult to do so.

I think fixing the Job market is the easiest way to fix the nation. 

Jai Hind!


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