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Ragging in college- myth or truth?

Ragging in college- myth or truth?

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Ragging refers to teasing a person mentally or physically. Nowadays, it has turned into a nightmare for students and their guardians, at the time of the college admission process. Actually, the main objective of ragging in colleges is to create an opportunity for interaction between seniors and freshers. This interaction makes it easier to get close and know each other. But in practice, this has become a kind of torture for the newcomer.

Generally ragging takes place at colleges and hostels. The new students feel that they are in a series of practical jokes at the hands of senior students. Once they fall into the clutches of latter, they are unable to find a way to escape. It is a matter of shame that even though ragging has been criticized and banned in most of the colleges, we still come across such incidents of human torture. As a result, many students give up their studies and go back home, some lose their mental balance and some are seriously injured. Many colleges have already established anti ragging committees to avoid this. At the order of the Supreme Court of India, The University Grants Commission (UGC), has also developed a help portal to eliminate ragging.

Every student should be aware of the measures that need to be followed if they are ragged. As students come from different backgrounds, ragging can have different effects on different individuals. For this reason, institutions should conduct counselling sessions in order to make the students and parents familiar with the rules and regulations. Controlled interactions between the seniors and freshers will help the new students in the early stages of college life to make friends and will also be helpful in avoiding any bad situations later on. Do not make any presumptions about ragging before entering into any of the institutions. Self-protection is always important to every student. If you want to protect yourself you should first change the way you think. On the whole, be smart and social in your interactions with people. However, while deciding whether positive interactions are acceptable, it is important to be reasonable and not to be over sensitive. 


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