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What does college ranking means?

What does college ranking means?

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Some things in life are reasonably easy to rank; the tallest buildings, the biggest states, the heaviest elements, so on and so forth. When it comes to defining the best college however, the concept of rank begins to lose its meaning, especially in the case choosing a good college. It does not mean that high ranking colleges give a good quality of education. No, not particularly. For example, it is possible to get a good education with open admissions in an institution as well. However, it is true that acceptance rates are directly related to the  quality.

A college ranking is something which defines the level of the college. Not just the level but it also gives significant weight to the opinions of those in a position to judge the academic excellence. A university that is perceived as being of top quality can typically receive additional applications than it is area offered for college students, and being able to choose high-achieving students will help create an academically stimulating atmosphere and enable the university to offer more demanding courses. However, this correlation is far from perfect.

Rankings are also quite often, subjective. Some universities get a boost of several places in some rankings despite mediocre research simply because the universities involved are "name" universities, often known for their law or med schools. Rankings promote the notion that the college you attend signals something about your place in the world. Rankings have also turned out to be bad for colleges. They encourage colleges to expend resources on things that improve their ranking positions rather than things that serve their students. They diminish the appeal of colleges that serve many students extremely well but do not fit the performance parameters that the rankings measure. Let us consider an example, students without high prior academic records may tend to perform better, while at a higher-ranked school, even better-prepared students may tend to underperform. The ranking systems provide no way to find out which is which. Not all of a college's graduates will earn the same. A student's grades, major, and innate talent all make a difference. So, not in all cases the lower rank colleges mean that education is easier.


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