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Trending- kids pay for your own college and living cost. Good or bad?

Trending- kids pay for your own college and living cost. Good or bad?

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In today's world, it is almost expected that parents will either pay for most, or all of a child's education costs. People who don't are usually considered bad parents. I don't think this is a good mindset to come from. Since parents pay right from the beginning of the education and I think, it is good if the kids pay for their own college. This helps in understanding their responsibilities and definitely helps them to work harder towards their education. Many students during their schooling period waste their parent's money by not knowing its value. But when they start paying for their own education, they realize the value of money and utilize in a right way. This helps them in getting good academic scholarships too.

Even if a particular child comes from a good financial background, parents need to leave him to bear his own expenses. Paying for your own college gives you a better work ethic. Some parents would feel guilty about not paying for their child's education, but by doing so, you are actually teaching them how to live independently and the value of every rupee. This helps them manage their own money wisely in later stages of their lives. According to a new national study, students whose education costs are paid entirely by their parents, engage in more leisure activities. In other words, they party instead of study. Most students party so hard that they damage their academic performance. If parents pay for education, it increases their own financial hardships. While I am of the opinion that, a parent should not pay for their kid's schooling because it can promote a sense of entitlement, I do not think it is wrong to help them out either. Giving them some college funds and encouraging them in everything they do is definitely a plus. Finding a happy medium between paying for all of their schooling and helping them to become financially responsible adults is where I think we need to be.     


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