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7 Websites to Increase Your Daily Productivity

7 Websites to Increase Your Daily Productivity

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Staying productive on the internet is a challenging task. There are endless distractions that can pull your focus away from study. But, if you are determined to stay away from those, there are various websites which can help you out in that. Here's the complete list of how to spend your time online in a productive fashion.


Quora is basically a question and answer website, where real life people give honest answers to those seeking it. Most importantly, thousands of people know what they are talking about and there are no advertisements to distract you. Moreover, you can even simply search for other's questions which have been answered by leading experts or can even answer one which you expertize in.


Todoist is a website that helps you to organize your life by creating projects and setting deadlines. It emails you a daily recap of your goals every morning and reminds you on your mobile device through text services (only for premium users).


Calm is a fully guided online meditation web portal where you can find the peace of mind anytime and anywhere. The online meditation duration is just scheduled for a couple of minutes and helps to refocus your attention in work. Its background image and soothing music is an added bonus.

Cold Turkey

Are you hooked on social media platforms or are social media posts affecting your daily life? Then, Cold Turkey is definitely for you. Cold Turkey is a unique site that allows you to temporarily block yourself from a myriad of social media sites, gaming web-portals or adult websites. By engaging you with more buzz feed quizzes they prevent you from scrolling down your Facebook feed or entering the websites you are addicted to.


Lumosity is a cool platform where you can enhance your intelligence and it also helps to combat the dull effect of your cognitive mind because of excessive use of internet.


Pocket is an online tool that helps you to capture information, links, images and content from the web. Furthermore, it even allows individuals to store it and search through it in case of any need. It actually saves you hours of searching for content that you are looking for.

Rescue Time

This is an excellent website that automatically tracks the productive time you spent on your computer. Rescue Time also block certain sites that distracts you in your working hours.


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