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Work-Life Balance!!

Work-Life Balance!!

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"All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy" It's not just a quote but the a true fact of life. Those who only study and don't take part in co-curricular activities are losing a big thing in life. 


Firstly, they refrain themselves from becoming a sound personality. Studies are important but other activities hold a major part in building the attributes essential for the overall development of a person. For example- Team spirit, Leadership, Management skills etc. 


Secondly, You get to meet diverse people and deal with them only when you pro-actively participate in the activities apart from your studies and classroom. Like when you play some sports, you visit other institutions and interact with several people there. 


Thirdly, books builds your knowledge base but these activities builds your base for life. You learn to handle emotions and situations really well. You learn to face failures and set backs, thereby reducing the depression probability to almost zero. 


Last but never the least, who doesn't want to become a person who has varied talents. Someone who earns well but is a person whose company is most sought after? 


Look around, it's never too late to begin. Your college life has a lot to offer you apart from the degree. Make the best out it. 


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