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Are On-Field Jobs Suitable For You?

Are On-Field Jobs Suitable For You?

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Field jobs are quite common in India and require a lot of energy, passion and enthusiasm. Unlike in-office jobs where you would just sit comfortably at the workplace and complete the tasks, on-site jobs are way different. These jobs demand an individual with good communication skills, pursuing power and most importantly right decision making skills.  A range of such jobs are available across different industries which include Business Development Executive, On-site construction engineer, Plant engineer, sales officer, operations executive, marketing agent, customer acquisition executive, customer support agent, Field controller (Technical),  logistics delivery and many more.








Different business ventures require different skills for on-field jobs. For instance, at thermal power plant individuals assigned for on-site tasks are required to have sound technical background while a product based company requires candidates with marketing and sales skills.  So, you should carefully decide which job application matches your profile and which will thus increase your chances of getting hired in no time. Every opportunity comes with a cost. So, before jumping into on-site jobs we advise you to know its associated merits and demerits. Read on to know more-


Pros? of working On-field



Offers an unparalleled opportunity to learn meaningful real-world insights.

  • One can travel to a plethora of destinations and explore places, people as well as local cuisines.   

  • Improves communication skills

  • Boosts self-confidence.

  • Enhances analytical skills.

  • Develops leadership quality.

  • One can gain various vivid life-time memories.

  • Chances of promotion are relatively higher than other job profiles.

  • Provides excellent Work-Life balance - Field jobs are to be performed at sites only and thus no extra work tasks after your stipulated job timings. It allows an individual to maintain an ideal work-life balance and enjoy life to the fullest.

Cons? of working On-field

  • Some on-field jobs are on commissioned basis i.e. the pay scale depends entirely on your performance parameters like sales revenue, number of customer acquisition and many more. Performance slippage can even result in a low pay-check.

  • One has to work on strict deadlines round ?the- year, so, less holidays.

  • Field jobs are generally of 7-8 hours a day which can make one burnout in no time.

  • Also, in some heavy industries like thermal power plant or manufacturing factories an individual has to work in hazardous environments.



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