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Engineering Student's worries that you should all know

Engineering Student's worries that you should all know

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I am Engineering student and am fed up of exams. In a series of posts, I want to highlight my pain and agony in Engineering. This is the first post and I want to highlight the most painful thing in Engineering - exams. In a 4 year course, we write more than 250 exams and finally have to write another hundred exams to get a Job. 


I am an Engineering student and it is becoming tougher day by day to be an Engineer. After I complete the course, I am told that we will be given a Bachelor of Technology degree. I think the government should change it and call it Bachelor of Tests because that is what we do.

Every second day there is an exam, sometimes the lecturer just conducts a surprise test to see if we are even following him. Then there are 3 mid terms every semester. Then there are final exams, lab exams, practical tests, viva etc. Once in a while there is also a supplementary exam for guys like me who aim for perfection and end up studying the same subject two times or even three, four, five times. 

Sometimes when my father wakes me up in the morning, I immediately rush to get a pen and start scribbling something on my book only to realize a few minutes later that it is not the invigilator who has woken me up in the exam. There are two kinds of people you will see during the exams. First type: Always eager to help friends. Second type: Selfish fellows. You might think that first type are God sent. Sorry, no. These are people like me who know nothing, but have the DIL to help others. The second type are the ones who study hard at Home, but have not been told by their parents that "Service to Mankind is Service to God". I am not a Male Chauvinist Pig, but most girls fall into the Second type.

The other biggest problem with exams is the supplementary fee. Governments give loan waiver to so many people, but why are students exempt from that. We should get Supplementary Fee waiver from the Government. If there is any party which announces Supplementary Fee Waiver, I will vote for that party for the rest of my life. 

I don't like taking additional sheets in the exam. Here also I will keep things short. Wait for the Part II to know more details. 

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