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Introduction/ Why Java?

  • First of all it is an open source and anyone who has access to a computer can download and install.
  • You can download it from
  • Powerful development tools like Eclipse and NetBeans are available for developing applications.
  • Great collection of open source libraries.
  • With the great java community support it is easy to learn and implement.
  • Javadocs provide a detailed documentation support for the language.
  • The Java programming language is a high-level language that can be characterized by all of the following buzzwords:
  • Simple Object oriented
  • Distributed Multithreaded
  • Dynamic Architecture neutral
  • Portable High performance
  • Robust Secure

Where is the technology used?

  • Java is everywhere and it keeps growing, with 97% of enterprise desktops, 115 million TV devices and 3 billion mobile phones now running Java.
  • Recent surveys given to hiring managers and recruiters have validated the huge demand for skilled developers in the marketplace. More specifically, for skilled Java developers.


  • Although learning and programming in java is fun, it can get complicated.
  • It is one of the technologies that grows at a very fast pace and new techniques and concepts come into light.
  • To compete with the huge Java market, it is always required to stay on top of all the new technologies.

Useful/ Recommended tutorials:

Useful websitesfor support

  • is one website where you will find a detailed illustration of most of the java technologies and will be a good one for beginners.
  • is an active online forum where answers to most of the issues will be available.

Recommended Java Books for beginners

  • Java Programming Language By Ken Arnold, James Gosling, David Holmes. Direct from the creators of the Java.
  • Head First Java by By Kathy Sierra, Bert Bates.
  • Thinking In Java By Bruce Eckel.
  • Java the Complete Reference By Herbert Schildt.
  • Java in a nutshell By David Flanagan.

How are the Job opportunities?

  • One cannot imagine any firm that does not use Java. As mentioned earlier, Java is a wide spread technology and there will be plenty of opportunities.
  • Opportunities not only exist for complex Java technologies, many firms use the basic Java OOPS concepts to achieve some of their critical functionalities.
  • Java is one of the technologies where you find any internship options.