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Word List 2

Word List-2

Group 1
Acrid sharp; pungent (used of smells and tastes)
Boorish ill-mannered
Cynical believing that people act only out of selfish motives
Epistle a letter(form of communication)
Heresy against orthodox opinion
Lance spear;spike;javelin
Obscure difficult to understand;partially hidden
Poignant deeply moving;strongly affecting the emotions
Respite a break;intermission
Terse concise;to the point

Group 2
Acrophobia fear of heights
Bourgeois middle class
Debility Weakness,incapacity
Epistolary concerned with letters; through correspondence
Hiatus interruption; pause
Languid tired; slow
Obscured hidden; covered; buried
Poised calm; collected; self-possessed
Resplendent shining; glowing
Therapeutic medicinal; curative

Group 3
Acuity sharpness (mental or visual)
Braggart someone who boasts
Debunking exposing false claims or myths
Epitomized typified; characterized; personified
Hidebound rigid in opinions
Languish decay; fade away; get weaker
Obsequious servile; submissive
Polemical causing debate or argument
Restorative a tonic
Thwart prevent; frustrate

Group 4
Adamant forceful; inflexible
Brawny muscular
Decathlon an athletic competition with ten events
Equivocate speak ambiguously; avoid telling the truth
Hieroglyphics 1. picture writing; 2. writing which is difficult to read or enigmatic
Larceny theft; robbery; stealing
Obsession a dominating concern
Ponderous weighty; slow and heavy
Retention preservation; withholding
Timorous cowardly; fearful

Group 5
Adroit skilful / skillful
Brevity being brief
Decorum dignified, correct behavior [decorous (a)]
Err make a mistake
Hinder obstruct
Largess generosity
Obsolete no longer valid
Pontificate speak pompously or dogmatically
Reticent restrained; holding something back; uncommunicative
Tirade stream of verbal abuse

Group 6
Adulation strong admiration; worship
Bristle to show irritation
Decoy lure; trap; trick
Erratic wandering; irregular
Histrionic theatrical; exaggerated
Laud praise
Obstreperous noisy and boisterous
Portend foretell
Retraction withdrawal; cancellation of a statement
Titter giggle quietly

Group 7
Adversity hardship
Broach start to discuss; approach
Deference respect
Esoteric obscure and difficult to understand
Hoary old
Lavish on a grand scale; wasteful
Obtuse mentally dull
Portent a warning sign; omen
Revere worship
Tome large book

Group 8
Advocate support
Brusque blunt; abrupt
Defoliate cause leaves to fall off
Espouse promote; take up; support
Hone sharpen; increase; whet
Lax careless; not strict
Obviate avoid; make unnecessary
Poseur someone who puts on an act
Riddled full of (usually full of holes)
Torpid inactive; lazy; stagnant

Group 9
Aesthetic concerning art or beauty
Bulwark fortification; barricade; wall
Defunct no longer in existence
Etymology the study of word origins
Hyperbole grossly exaggerated speech
Legend 1. key to map; 2. myth or story
Odious hateful
Posterity future generations
Rife common
Torpor dormancy; sluggishness; inactivity

Group 10
Affable friendly; social; easygoing
Bureaucracy officialdom
Degradation deprivation; poverty; debasement
Eulogy praise
Hypochondriac a person obsessed with health; having imaginary illnesses
Legion in large numbers
Officious domineering; intrusive; meddlesome
Posthumous after death
Rigor thoroughness
Totter walk unsteadily