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Word List 6

Word List-6

Group 1
Antiquated outdated; old fashioned
Choleric easily angered
Diorama model of a scene
Fecund fertile
Inebriation drunkenness; intoxication
Marshal to gather together
Parity equality
Profound having deep meaning
Servile overly submissive; groveling
Usurp take someone's position (usually by force)
Group 2
Apathetic indifferent; uninterested; lethargic
Chronicler person who records historical information
Dirge mournful song
Felicitous apt
Ineffable cannot be expressed in words
Marsupial pouched mammal (like a kangaroo)
Parochial narrow-minded; concerned only with local matters
Profundity depth
Skeptical doubting; not gullible
Utilitarian useful
Group 3
Apathy lack of interest or emotion
Circuitous indirect
Disapprobation disapproval
Fervor passion; enthusiasm
Inept incompetent; unskilled; useless
Martinet person who believes in strict discipline
Parody a mockery; imitation for ridicule; spoof
Proletarian member of the working class
Skirmish minor battle
Utopian a believer in an ideal world
Group 4
Apocryphal of doubtful origin
Circumlocution using too many words; long-windedness
Discern to distinguish one thing from another
Fickle unpredictable; whimsical; easily swayed
Inertia inactivity; lethargy
Masochist person who intentionally inflicts pain on himself
Parry ward off; avoid
Prolific producing a lot
Sluggard slow-moving; lethargic person
Vacillate waver; hesitate
Group 5
Appease pacify; soothe; calm down; make peace with
Circumscribe limit
Discord disagreement
Finesse skill
Inevitable cannot be avoided
Matriarchy society governed by women
Parsimonious economical; frugal; thrifty
Proponents promoters; supporters
Smelt refine an ore
Vacuous empty; silly; meaningless
Group 6
Apprehensive worried; fearful
Circumspect cautious; considering all sides
Discordancy cacophony; harshness; jarring
Fitful not continuous; stopping and starting
Inexorable relentless
Maverick a loner
Parsimony stinginess; frugality; cost-cutting
Prosaic dull; boring; ordinary
Smorgasbord a Swedish buffet of cold dishes
Vagrant person wandering without a home
Group 7
Arable can be cultivated
Circumvent avoid
Discrepancy something which does not match up; inconsistency
Flagrant clearly wrong
Inexpedient not advisable
Meager in short supply
Partisan biased; one-sided; committed to one group
Proscribe forbid
Solace comfort for grief
Vapid dull; uninspiring
Group 8
Arbitrary random; for no definite reason
Clairvoyant psychic; mystic
Discriminate to make a clear distinction; see the difference
Flamboyant showy; ornate
Infallible perfect; flawless; cannot make mistakes
Meander wander from side to side
Pathos evoking sadness or pity
Prosody study of versification
Solicit to ask for; seek
Variegated multicolored; speckled
Group 9
Arcane obscure; known only to a few people
Clamor shout; scream
Discursiveness long windedness; indirectness
Flaunt show off; display in a showy manner
Infamous famous for something bad
Mellow soft; melodious; ripe
Patron one who give support (usually financial)
Prostration 1. lying face down; 2. be overcome with extreme weakness
Somnambulist sleepwalker
Vehemence violence; fervor; forcefulness
Group 10
Archaic ancient; outdated; old fashioned
Clandestine secret; covert; stealthy
Disdain contempt; strong dislike
Flippant making jokes about serious matters
Infer deduce; conclude
Menagerie collection of animals
Patronize condescend to; behave in an arrogant manner towards
Protagonist main character in film, book, play etc.
Soothsayer fortuneteller
Vehement forceful